Andrew Gustafson

The Local Taco

This map was inspired by a piece I saw in Good titled, "Your Taco, Deconstructed." In it, a team or researchers and designers did a full commodity chain analysis of a taco eaten in California, tracing the source of everything from the Southeast Asian spices to the foil wrapper. The purpose of the project was to illustrate the global production of network of our food system, and it does a wonderful job of that with incredible detail.

Meanwhile, when I read the piece I found myself eating a homemade taco made almost entirely with locally grown and manufactured ingredients. This is not to say that I am a holier-than-thou locavore, but rather it illustrates the fact that New York City has a large number of food manufacturing facilities, especially ones that produce foods for the city's immigrant communities. This sort of happened by chance that most of the ingredients came from within Brooklyn, including the tortilla, mole, cheese, and meat. The item that traveled the farthest was the salsa, which was manufactured in North Carolina, but I'm sure it would not be hard to find some made in Brooklyn.

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